Towards a Better Me – Bi-weekly Women’s Tanya Class
Join us for this new course. Tanya contain powerful guidance to personal spiritual and moral growth coupled with a healthy understanding of who we are at our core.
The teachings of the Tanya delve deeply into the human soul and mind and deal with creating realistic expectations for growth, how to face challenges, what does a meaningful relationship with G‑d look like, and what are the tools that we can harness to help us go from A – Z.
-The course will be every other week. We will record a class if you miss and want to follow the studies.
-You will need to purchase the book of Tanya for the course
-$20 per class
-$96 for 6 classes
The Book of Tanya is the basic and fundamental guide to Chassidic philosophy. It captures the deepest most abstract and profound mystical concepts of Torah and translates them into a tangible, comprehensive and inspirational approach to serving the Al-mighty.
Authored by the legendary Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, first
“Rebbe” of the Chabad dynasty, it incorporates within it everything, from the most sublime and supernal to the most practical
and mundane.
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