Help the needy before Yom Kippur…

Do Kapparot online


Simply read the text here for Kapparot (inserting the words Money/Kesef and Tzedakah for hen/rooster) and then fill up the form to send your Kapparot funds to JRLC of SB for distribution.

Suggested donation: $25 per family member

For more on the importance and meaning of kaparot, click here.

It is customary, in the days preceding Yom Kippur to do “Kapparos” which literally means atonement. We take a live chicken and gently hold it in the right hand while saying a prayer of forgiveness. The chicken is then prepared (in the Kosher way) and donated to the poor and the hungry.

We ask of G‑d that if we were destined to be the recipients of harsh decrees in the new year, may they be transferred to this chicken in the merit of this mitzvah of charity.